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Jeffrey S. Muller, President/CEO

Seasoned professional with a unique blend of over 30 years of military leadership, federal law enforcement operations, national security/counterterrorism/weapons of mass destruction program and policy development and implementation, and major criminal/national security threat response operations and investigative experience.  Extensive interaction with domestic law enforcement agencies, state and local government agencies, domestic military, civil authorities, corporations and public/private organizations. Broad international experience with major foreign military forces, police services, national security agencies and intelligence organizations. Subject matter expert for numerous non-government agencies, international organizations and commissions.


Manager of all national countermeasures and prevention activities for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate.  Directed six CBRNE units comprised of senior managers and over seventy Special Agents, Intelligence Analysts, subject matter experts and professional support employees in support of Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, Counterproliferation and Counter-criminal CBRNE operations.  Led the development and significant expansion of the INTERPOL CBRNE program.  Directed CBRNE experts from 190 INTERPOL member countries to accomplish all activities related to CBRNE and Critical Infrastructure Protection.  Assisted multiple countries with the development of national CBRNE prevention and response policies and legislation.  Chaired the United Nations Critical Infrastructure Protection, Tourism Security and Cyber Security Working Group comprised of 34 UN agencies.  

Mitch Stern, Director of Global Operations

Mitch served for 20 years in the FBI where he specialized in bringing innovative CBRNE programs from conception to operational readiness. Mitch worked on staff starting the WMD Directorate and in 2007 originated the position of division special assistant. Mitch was then detailed to the INTERPOL headquarters in 2010-11 where he started the program now known as the CBRNE Sub-Directorate, creating a platform for fusing CBRNE intelligence, prevention programming and operational support for police services world-wide. Back at the FBI, Mitch originated the position of WMD Directorate chief of staff, and was further detailed to the Intelligence Community and then the staff of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Defensive Programs, originating both positions. Mitch’s work in policy, operationalizing intelligence, and generating leads from prevention programs focuses on crafting efficient mechanisms for creating intelligence driven, prevention orientated CBRNE, critical infrastructure protection and special event support operations for government and private sector clients.


Mitch worked in the Violent Crime/Major Offender, Criminal Enterprise, Public Corruption and Financial Fraud programs in the field. Being stationed in the Trenton, New Jersey office of the FBI in 2001, in whose territory the AMERITHRAX mailings were posted, he served as a team leader on the NJ Anthrax Investigative Task Force.


Mitch practiced law prior to his appointment as a special agent. Between university and law school he was a police officer with the Dallas, Texas, Police Department. Prior to University, he served in the US Marine Corps.

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